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Imagine having all the tools at your fingertips to develop highly dynamic skill and to position yourself as the go-to player when your team needs goals. On offense, we want to keep the puck out of defenders' stick zones, but defenders use their stick zones to take away the best offensive real estate. With elite ability to work the puck into and out of stick zones you can gain access to dangerous ice without taking on too much risk. The FÉNIX can help you develop this power for yourself!


Imagine walking into the rink with a compact and easy to carry set of devices that unleashes your creativity to fashion drills that can put your players through the skill ringer and surface key details that are limiting their progress. Make them them focus on those details for the most rapid progress.

And, imagine that this same set of devices inherently captures players' attention in a way that traditional drills do not. Plus they provide them with a fun experience well beyond what is normal with "the usual" hockey practice!

First of Their Kind Features

Versatility - Flexibility in set-up makes it suitable to a wide range of training situation and helps it adapt to your imagination as you devise training challenges.

Mutli-Modal - Low Pro Mode makes an easy on-ramp to any slip-under move one wants to learn while Slip Under Mode provides the full challenge.

Built-in Road Map - Guidance on methods and drills to get the most out of the FÉNIX is built right into the product. Scan the QR code and learn.

Mobility - Fits in the hand with a streamlined form that is easy to move around... on the ice or when walking through doors.

RESILIENCE - Meanwhile, maybe the crown jewel feature is the essence of the Firebird itself. The FÉNIX has a bounce-back ability that makes it strongly resistent to damage. In this case, this resistance is not the mythical Phoenix's ability to be reborn in fire, but instead, an ability to spring back to form after crushing impacts that would break other slip-under devices.

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