Coach Driven Design

Competitive Edge Hockey has been serving the Twin Cities area of Minnesota for more than fifteen years doing both dedicated-facility and on-ice hockey skill development. Eventually it became obvious that we needed a dynamic and adaptable puckhandling training system that could be brought into and out from all the rinks to which a hockey skills coach travels.

That idea was the seed. However it has been heavily refined in prepration for seeing the light of day and it has evolved into The FÉNIX.


FÉNIX Stand-out Features


RESILIENCE - The bounce-back ability of the FÉNIX device is no accident. Take a look at a highlight of our testing process below.


VERSATILITY - Use them independently or connect mulitple FÉNIX devices together in a variety of ways to foster a diverse array of challenging set-ups.



MULTI-MODAL - The FÉNIX has an "easy mode". Use "Low Pro Mode" (shaft part down) to offer easier versions of slip-under drills while "Slip Under Mode" (shaft part up) gives the full resistance.



ROAD MAP - Are you concerned about not knowing how to best use the FÉNIX? Guidance is built right into the product. Scan its QR code and learn how to work toward high quality technique from our "How-to" video series. The video below is a sample of the assistance offered with every FÉNIX.


MOBILITY - A sleek form factor and a secure carrying system makes bringing your FÉNIX devices from the car to the ice almost as easy as carrying cones.


Join us and catch the next wave in hockey training!