How-to Services

As demonstated in the above video, the FÉNIX is at home either on or off the ice. And with its compact form factor, it's just as well suited to the journey between training venues as it is deployed within those venues. But how can you get the most out of your FÉNIX in any training venue?

Player setting up for a move on a FÉNIX

The FÉNIX iteself comes with built-in how to guidance so that players will always have access to highly-productive protocols with which to use the FÉNIX to build skill. This is in the form of the QR code, provided right on each one, that grants exclusive access to concepts, drills, and details that the FÉNIX is particularly suited to fostering.

But, without feedback, its hard to expect players to accurately execute the movements that this content is intended to direct players to perform.

We offer in-person private lessons for those who can get to us and asynchronous feedback for players who are further away. In asynchronous feedback, the players (their parents in most cases) provide us video of them doing the drills. We then provide feedback on aspects they need to address to learn to execute them the right way.

Coach demonstrating a move on a FÉNIX

Coach / Training Center

How should a group of skaters be introduced to and then progressed through slip under training using the FÉNIX?

What are some particularly effective drills to take advantage of FÉNIX devices with a team or in a clinic?

Can the FÉNIX simply be additive to a drill design I'm already familiar with?

We'd love to share our extensive experience with using the FÉNIX and other devices like it so that players can experience the added fun while coaches create dynamic challenges and capture players' interest all while avoiding the inefficiencies of "figuring it out on the ice" or simply trying drills that don't work well for reasons you don't yet know.

For coaches and training centers, we are happy to offer services to ensure your icetiems and training sessions are extracting as much value from the inclusion of FÉNIX devices as possible. If you want to maximize what you get from your FÉNIX devices, reach out to inquire about these how-to services.

Hockey players in a hockey club practice using the FÉNIX

Hockey Club / Association

A hockey club or association may need to get a whole group of coaches up to speed. Or they may need to bring in a specialist to run practices featuring the FÉNIX.

We have packaged materials to support on-ice walk throughs, presentations, and other concept transfer materials. We can also come lead icetimes for your association so that, in addition to giving skaters a great experience and a great training of training, team coaches also absorb the general flow running of a practice featuring FÉNIX devices.

If your association is interested in purchasing FÉNIX devices, you'd be wise to inquire about these services as well.